Windows Search in files is too slow – Alternative

In the company of today there are a lot of information in the documents stored electronically on different servers; partly on the local computers of employees. The problem is usually that the Windows Search in files according to these documents takes much time. Sometimes even a lot of time.

QuoMod Search 2-07

After a brief import you get the ability to access the found words whose filtering leads to the target (= the documents found). This thus conceived full-text search is so time-optimized, that even with more than 230 thousand documents a seek time of less than 2 seconds is achieved.

Find documents – quickly and intuitively

Maybe you just want to start now. And let’s see what form the new search engine can assist. Nothing easier than that. Here is a simple listing. To install the standalone version for free on your local hard disk C. No obligation. No entry in an e-mail list or the like. Download and installation guide can also be found right here.

Windows Search in files

The full-integrated “QuoMod Search 2-07 | Windows Search in files | Stand-alone version” full-text search for Microsoft Windows standalone free download here.

(Click here) Get the downloads 32 bit and 64 bit version

The download is a PDF file. There included is the download link for the software, as well as a brief introduction to the installation and the description of the application of the current version of 2-07. The software is in accordance with the setup on your hard disk in the directory “C:\QuoMod Search\QuoMod Search 2-07”. Launch the installed application with simple double-click.

windows search in files quomod-search-2-07-start-01

Top right, click on the “Import” button to the Inbox icon.

windows search in files quomod-search-2-07-start-02

Choose a directory to be imported and click the “Open” button. During the import process, the number of files will be displayed, which have already been imported. In the current version 2-07 this happens in two steps. Step 1: Preparation and sorting by Modified Date. Step 2: Import the file names and file paths and files including words .pdf in full text in the file types Microsoft .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx and Adobe. Are in Step 2 over 1,000 files can be imported already searched during further import for content.

Top left, you can enter your search terms separated by “space”. Pressing the “Enter” button starts the search. Additional Selections can be made using the switches on the right edge, and the selection of file types. By clicking on a topic of the search result that launches the Microsoft Windows system stored program with the respective document.

Good to know that …

In the local files, the software QuoMod Search 2-07 only the contents of the documents are imported (copied) and therefore your files will remain on your front point situated. It will only be noticed where these documents are and the content is stored in the files of the software Rapid worm, so a simple search can be compared to the Google principle (= an input field for the search) done. The content is stored on your computer and not in an uncertain cloud or other strange storage media. You can always delete the Software and all content. All files are in the folder “C:/QuoMod Search/QuoMod Search 2-07” stored on your local hard drive. You have full control.

Server Multi-user version with simple Price Model

A tailored to your business search engine. Gladly I’ll call you. And we talk about your specific requirements. The “QuoMod Windows Search in Files” Components are very agile in this area and adapts to your condition. In the multi-user version is a separate program designed to automatically import the files is provided to you. The importer monitors directories on your computers so that any change will be promptly provided as search results available.

per user per month = 1.29 euro net.
minimum per month = 30.00 euro net.
bill for 3, 6 or 12 months ahead and minimum of 24 months.

You are still undecided. Then test the currently available single-user version. I am happy to send them to you personally. You can reach me – “QuoMod Search” Developer Stefan Bressel – on the phone number (+49) 0 721 1566 4768. I look forward to you. At any time.